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Sound Booth Room, Whisper Room, Hearing Test Booth

Sound Booth Room, Whisper Room, Hearing Test Booth

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2 ft. x 6 ft. acrylic panels. Height 6 ft. with full no gap living plastic hinges which easily attach and hold panels tightly. Easy assembly instructions.

Welcome to our custom Acrylic sound, whisper room, drum booths, screen panels, for Drum sets, Drum kits and drum n bass. We take great pride in these enclosures and the quality of their construction. With 15 years of custom fabrication in the plastics industry behind us, we can construct any possible enclosure for your drum sets, drum kits, drum and bass, or any type of sound or noise that you need to control. 

Drum sets, drum kits, drum and bass sets, come in many different sizes depending on the equipment you purchase. So let the specialist at PDC help complete your drum set accessories at these great introductory prices.

Great to use as a hearing test booth, sound proof booth, whisper room, drum booth, audiometer, studio room vocal booth, recording booth/studio, audiology testing booth, IAC hearing test room, screens sound enclosures and vocal shields


• 4ft x 4ft x 6ft square room
• 4Fully enclosed


• 1/4" Acrylic
• Very Sound Proof
• Clear view
• Easy to Assemble
Sound Proof Roof top

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