Collection: Guitar Display Cases

What are the benefits of a guitar display case?

  • Protection from Dust and Damage: A guitar display case shields your guitar from dust, accidental bumps, and scratches, ensuring your instrument remains in pristine condition over the years.

  • Aesthetic Display: Beyond just storage, a guitar display case is a way to showcase your guitar as a piece of art. It highlights the beauty of your instrument, making it a focal point in any room or studio.

  • Preservation of Value: For collectors and musicians, maintaining the condition of a guitar is essential for preserving its value. A display case keeps the guitar in optimal condition, which is particularly important for rare or antique pieces.

  • Security: Many guitar display cases come with locking mechanisms. This provides an added layer of security against theft, making it an excellent option for collectors and those owning valuable or vintage guitars.

How To Choose The Right Guitar Display Case?

Size and Fit: Ensure the display case fits your guitar type, whether it's an acoustic, electric, or bass guitar. We at Pennzoni also offer XL guitar cases for people out there who like their guitar a little bigger than normal

  • Material and Build Quality: Look for cases made from high-quality materials. Wooden cases with tempered glass or acrylic fronts offer a balance of durability and clear visibility. Additionally, check for sturdy construction and seamless finishing.