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Small Acrylic Cage No Base

Small Acrylic Cage No Base

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The Small cage is for smaller bird parrots, finches, parakeets, small Amazons,  and is 24" x 24" x 28"tall.  The best acrylic cages and accessories on the market, designed for parrots by owners of parrots. 

Our cages are easy to clean, including a pull out tray, Lixit Quick-Lock feeders, hardwood perch, lots of ventilation holes, a ventilation fan & toy holders . Our Cages have been parrot tested, its Hypo-allergenic and Almost soundproof.

This cage is easy to disassemble; for quick convenient storage and transportation.  About 30-50% noise Reduction. You can not do better than one of our cages.


• Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 28" tall


• Easy to clean
• Pull out tray
• Lixit Quick-Lock feeders
• Hardwood perch
• Ventilation holes
• Toy holders
• Ventilation Fan

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