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Extra Large Jersey Display Case

Extra Large Jersey Display Case

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This case is ready to mount your jersey or even pin it in These cases will work for most football, basketball, hockey, Nascar, baseball Jerseys including adult XL sizes.

Made from solid hardwood, 100% UV protection Outside dimensions are: 36" H X 40" W X 1 1\2" D. Inside dimensions 34.5"H x 38"W x .75" D.


• Outside dimensions: 36" H X 40" W X 1 1\2" D
• Inside dimensions: 34.5"H x 38"W x .75" D


• Hanger included
• 2 Brass Hinges
• Black Finished Hardwood
• Framed in 100% UV acrylic door
• Locking snaps to close it securely
• Ready to hang with 2 gator tooth hooks

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