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Drum Booth, Sound Room Drum Shields or Drum Shield

Drum Booth, Sound Room Drum Shields or Drum Shield

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  • 【Premium Quality Acrylic Drum Booth】 - Our 6ft soundproof wall panels are proudly made in the USA. With years of custom fabrication, we take great pride in these enclosures and the quality of their construction. This sound barrier has dimensions close to a 6ft x 6ft square room. Included in your purchase are: (a) 11 - 2ft x 6ft, ¼” thick acrylic sheets, (b) 6ft full-length living hinges that hold panels firmly, & (c ) an instruction manual for easy installation. 
  • 【Isolates with Clear Visibility】- Our sound booth is crafted from crystal clear acrylic. This fully enclosed drum booth helps control drum sounds while isolating the drum kits & helps to effectively control vocals, drum sounds, or any type of sound while being isolated from external noise. This perfectly polished plexiglass sound shield lets you enjoy that drum set visibly played, making it ideal for live performances without sacrificing the sound quality of your live mix.
  • 【Superior Sound Control Panels】 - These 6ft sound control acoustic panels w/ no gap living plastic hinges, reduce the loudness of any type of sound or noise. This sound isolation shield provides a beneficial space for anyone who needs a quiet setting to work or record high-quality audio. This sound isolation drum shield has a sound proof roof top, perfect to use as a soundproof booth, studio room vocal booth, studio equipment for audio recording, or vocal shield.
  • 【Easy to Assemble Plexiglass Drum Cage 】 - Our premium acrylic drum shield booth is built to last and comes with clear living hinges and step-by-step instructions on how to assemble it perfectly. This drum shield enclosure is so versatile that it can also be used as a sound room or a recording booth. Our drum booth with top has spots for all your wires & has a swinging door for easy access while allowing you to see the inside clearly.
  • 【Shipped with Secured Packaging】 - At Pennzoni Display, we always consider the fragility of our products. Our drum cage sound panels come with a protective sticker on both sides to avoid scratches and damage to the panel. We provide safe packaging by placing our product in multiple boxes to relieve shock and pressure during transportation! For concerns & queries, contact us. Our team will be happy to help and ensure you are 100% satisfied.


• Close to 6ft x 6ft square room
• 6ft Tall
• 11 - 2 ft. x 6 ft. acrylic panels
• Handling Time 3 Business days


• Fully enclosed drum booth door
• Sound Proof Roof top
• Living Plastic Hinges
• 1/4" high grade acrylic
• Very Sound Proof
• Clear view
• Easy to Assemble

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