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Chrome Hinge (1 unit)

Chrome Hinge (1 unit)

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  • 【Premium Quality Chrome Hinges】- Our chrome hinges are proudly made in the USA. Your purchase comes with a single chrome hinge. This is a flexible drum hinge suitable for our acrylic drum shields. This lightweight hinge is used to connect your drum shield panels together to support the weight and pressure of the panels
  • 【Extremely Durable Hinges】- These chrome hinges for panels are extremely durable and weather-resistant so they can withstand deterioration for long-lasting performance.  Aside from giving support to our drum panels, it also gives a decorative touch with its shiny, unique appearance making them aesthetically pleasing. It also makes effective door hinges, gate hinges, cabinet hinges, or soft-close cabinet hinges.
  • 【Easy to Install】 - Our acrylic drum shield hinges are very easy to install. It firmly holds the panels together for a more secure hold. These chrome hinges are installed on the edges of the drum shield panels enabling them to be joined together to create a full enclosure around the drum set.
  • 【Drum Shield Panel Chrome Hinge Replacement 】 - With our chrome hinges for the drum panels, your old or damaged chrome hinges can easily be replaced. These drum shield hinges are suitable for your drum shield panels with an equally reliable hinge to keep your drum shield panels secure and in place.
  • 【Delivered to Your Doorstep with Secured Packaging】 - At PENNZONI, we always consider the fragility of our products. We provide a safe packaging for our products! For concerns & queries, contact us. Our team will happily help and ensure you are 100% satisfied.



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