Jersey Display

Music, show and sports display cases


  • Guitar: Get wood, acrylic and other durable materials with solid, mirrored or velvet backgrounds for a beautiful presentation.
  • Baseball bat: Show off a single item or an entire life-long collection.
  • Drum shields: Get unbelievably clean sound in even the most acoustically muddy environments.
  • Jersey display cases: These durable displays provide security with easy access when you need it.
  • Bird cages: What show is prettier than nature? These easy-to-clean cages are a hit with pets and owners alike.
  • Trade show: Everything the professional needs to show products in their best light.
  • Custom: Don't see quite what you need here? Let us craft product or sports display cases to your unique specifications.


More on our jersey display cases

Jersey Display CasesWe at Pennzoni know all about sports, so it makes sense that we know our sports display cases. Like you, we're big-time fans and we understand the passion for the game. That's why we've made the protection of that passion our life's work.

Our jersey display cases are designed with sturdy yet attractive construction to add to the beauty of your memorabilia without outshining the piece. With these units, sports fans have the flexibility to show jerseys on hangers, pin them to a cloth backdrop, splay or fold the sleeve or use any number of other presentation options.

Whether you're into hockey, football, soccer, America's pastime of baseball or are just wild about your child's little league team, we can relate. Take a look at our own display and see why we're No. 1 with collectors. The music lover, the athlete, the collector, the trade show presenter ... there's something for each of you at

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