Baseball Jersey Display Cases

Baseball jersey display cases protect

You want to cremember that special baseball game forever. Its easy when you display your favorite baseball jersey in our customized, high quality cases. Pay the right tribute to your finest jersey with our magnificent display cases. At, our baseball jersey display cases are not mere showcases, but offer solid protection as well.

Preserve your home team's favorite memorabilia in our showcases made from solid hardwood with thick, clear, acrylic see-through doors. The hinged door makes for easy opening and removing when you want it. Our jersey display cases come in a variety of finishes: glossy black, glossy cherry, glossy walnut, natural oak, golden oak and glossy aspen. Go through each of our baseball jersey display cases carefully and select the make and finish of your choice. It's easy to find one that works for you.

Our solid acrylic display case has been polished to perfection to display your prized memento in all its glory. The glossy golden finish gives an ornate encasing to your favorite jersey. Match the display cases with our clear acrylic hanger, which is wider than a standard hanger. You can enlarge the items to view all their specifications in minute detail. We provide your complete showcasing needs with cabinet locks and padlocks you can choose online.

Our baseball jersey cases come in different sizes, shapes and colors to fit any room. For baseball fans, we also have cases for other baseball collectibles like pennants, single and multiple ball displays, helmets and more! At, we cater to all your showcasing needs, big and small!

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