Bat Dispplay Case

Baseball Bat Display Case

Baseball Bat Display Case

When you want to show off a precious collection as it was truly meant to be seen, not just any shelf or sports display cabinet will do. For odd shaped or valuable items such as bats, gloves and hats, you will need a display method that is custom made for your collection.

Pennzoni Display Co. has the perfect solution for any collection or sport. Use a baseball bat display case to let your autographed or limited edition bats shine in the best light. Choose cases that are built for one bat, or a larger unit for multiple bats. Our acrylic cases are sturdily built to protect priceless displays or your old favorites from dust, humidity, scuffing and scratches and to prevent buildup of oils from curious visitors. In addition, a museum-quality display case lends an air of formality to your collection that makes each piece even more attractive.

At we have a number of models to choose from, already in stock. However, if you have special sports display needs, we are also happy to talk with you about a custom baseball bat display case. We have years of experience in sports displays, and are happy to work with you to customize your product to protect and display your collection according to your criteria, including:

  • personal preferences
  • space concerns
  • ambient lighting in the display area
  • single item or multiple item displays
  • mixed displays (such as bat, ball and baseball card combination case)
  • budget/cost concerns

Please take a moment to view our Bat Cases menu (a link is available on the left-hand side of the page) for ideas about how to showcase your sports memorabilia, and feel free to use the convenient Live Chat tool for immediate answers to all your pressing questions. Visit our Contact Us page for additional contact information for orders, assistance, order tracking and more.

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